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Landmarks in Mexico City

Zocalo of the city of mexico

When you stay at our hotel in downtown Mexico City, we highly recommend visiting the Zócalo. Considered one of the 4 largest squares in the world, it invites you to take a trip back in time. Under this square are the ruins of what was once the Templo Mayor. In the surroundings you can visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace, and various shops. This square has a great meaning for Mexicans, that is why every September 16 the hotels in the Historic Center of Mexico City are filled with visitors to celebrate the Independence of Mexico.


Don't expect the only things you'll eat on your Mexico City vacation are tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. There are regional specialties from all over Mexico, in addition to elegant international food, such as Japanese, Chinese, French, Polish, Italian, among others.

Angel of Independence

The Angel of Independence is perhaps the most representative monument of Mexico City, of great architectural beauty, it has great symbolism for the Mexican.

Built by the architect Antonio Rivas Mercado and the Italian artist Enrique Alciati and inaugurated in 1910, it housed the remains of the heroes of Independence at its base.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City

At Hotel Ritz Ciudad de México we do not hesitate to recommend that you visit the largest Cathedral in all of Latin America. This building, whose first stone was laid in 1524 by Hernán Cortés, is the best example of colonial architecture in the area.

Basilica of Guadalupe

With an influx of 20 million pilgrims per year, it has become one of the main centers of faith in Mexico. In this place is the ayate of the Indian Juan Diego in which the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe was miraculously captured. Currently the temple has a large esplanade and seven circular entrances, in which it is possible to see the image of the Virgin from any point. If you are on a pilgrimage or just want to know this place, our hotel in the center of Mexico City opens its doors for you.

Central mall

So called because of the poplar trees that were planted there, it was built in 1592 by order of Viceroy Luis de Velasco. In this park people coexist with nature in complete relaxation. Hotel Ritz Mexico City, is located in an area with easy access.

Latin American Tower

A true symbol of modernity in Mexico City is the Latin American Tower. This tower, inaugurated in 1956, has a special place in the hearts of Mexicans because it was once the tallest building in Latin America. It has 43 floors and the last 3 floors function as a viewpoint.

Palace of Fine Arts

Art and culture have a permanent space in this magnificent building that will leave you breathless. The impressive architecture has always amazed people who visit this palace.

Shopping in Mexico City There is a saying about shopping: "If you can't find it, it hasn't been invented yet." This is the spirit of going shopping in the Historic Center of Mexico City. Here you will find huge shopping centers with a wide variety of department stores, book stores, art shops and cafes. The fantastic variety of outlets makes the shopping experience truly special.

From the latest in fashion to the most wonderful handicrafts, in the Historic Center of Mexico City you will find what you need for that special memory of your visit to this historic place.

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